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There are so many benefits for waterproof flooring, it could be the best floor covering you could choose. You can find waterproof flooring in both the laminate and luxury vinyl forms that consist primarily of Wood Plastic Composite.

You might hear, that water resistant flooring is just as good. Yes, water resistant flooring is much more resistant to water than many other types of floor coverings, but it cannot provide 100% protection against water. Some floors are rated to stand up against spills for up to twenty-four hours but what if you have a leak while you are on vacation? No - it’s definitely not the same thing.

There are many reasons why people choose waterproof flooring. It's a worry-free product where the homeowner simply doesn’t have to worry about spills, humidity or any other water related accidents. This unique flooring type is also a great insurance policy against emergencies that could happen to anyone in any location. No need to worry if your water pipes ever burst, the mess will completely go away with waterproof flooring in place. We know that your flooring is one of the most important home purchases you will ever make. That’s why the pros at Carpet Land, Inc stand ready to assist you in finding the waterproof flooring product that’s perfect for you.

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